Welcome to the tasty, healthy world of Millets.
A traditional sweet pudding ,a must for festivals and special  occasion South India. Trumillets Xpress Millet’s version is just the right amount of sweet and flavor making  it guilt free, yummy yet tasty. Its  s loaded with  Millets(14 %) & Dal(18%)  & we add jaggery (no sugar) to give that extra  healthy edge to the sweet tooth  you have. Protein and calcium Rich sumptuous treat  ready to satisfy your sweet cravings in just 5 mins  . Srpinkle some crushed cahsews  to savor  it better.

Little Millet  (Kutki / Samai / Sama / Same / Chama) (77%)
Little millet (77%), sunflower oil, ghee, onion flakes, Bengal gram dal, iodised salt, green chilly, curry leaves, mustard, turmeric, ginger powder, jeera carefully sourced from farmers, minimally processed, with no preservatives.
Propriety foods: 15.1 snacks

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