Welcome to the tasty, healthy world of Millets.
A south Indian Classic but loved & desired by all. Trumillets Xpress Millet Kesaribath will make  you believe in guilt free, yummy yet tasty  desert s.It s loaded with the goodness of Millets(47%) making it an absolutely Healthy, Calcium and Fiber Rich sumptuous treat  ready to satisfy your sweet cravings in just 5 mins  . Top with crushed Pista & Badam to savor  it better.

Little milletMillet  (Kutki / Samai / Sama / Same / Chama) (47%)
 Little millet (47%), sugar, sunflower oil, ghee, cashew, cardamom, clove,carefully sourced from farmers, minimally processed, with no preservatives. Packed with calcium and Dietary Fibre.
Propriety foods: 15.1 snacks

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