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About Millets

Although millets have been consumed by humans for about 7,000 years, little has been known about them. In today’s world, where there are abundant amounts of fast-food chains serving foods on-the-go, and with the humans being very busy working and living stressful lives, the old tradition of eating millets has vanished. Although it is very true that the same people have started becoming more health-conscious, thanks to their prudence.

Millets Library

Welcome to Millet Library, To answer all your questions about Millets.

What Are Millets?

Millets are small seed grasses and cereal crops. Millets are really nutritious and are very good for health and has been voiced by many leading nutritionist as a must have food in your diet. Apart from having various health benefits, Millets can grow in wide range of climatic conditions, varying temperature and moisture content and have short growing season. Millet is the oldest known food to human, and with growing populations and malnutrition concerns, is now gaining demand because of its health benefits.

Why are Millets getting popular?

We term them as “The Super Foods” for their short growing season – In as little as 65 days Millets seeds can grow and mature and are ready to harvest – this short harvest cycle also makes them commercially sound. Whole millets can be kept for two or more years, if properly stored. The challenge is to food-process millet in to tasty and ready to eat foods.

What crops are classified as Millets?

Great millet – Sorghum, Pearl millet -Bajara, Finger millet – Ragi, Foxtail millet, Little millet, Proso millet, Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, Browntop Millet, Teff, Fonio, and Raishan.

Where do we find Millets?

Millets are primarily grown in semi-arid and tropical regions. 97% of Millets production is found in Africa and Asia region. India contributes to about 40% of the total supply of Millets. Millets have been traditional used in India in various dishes and also as bird food.

This is where TruMillets become your best friend and bring you Ready to Eat Tasty Millet food

Healthy Beginning

Popularly termed as Super grains, millets are not only rich in nutrition, but also carry a rich history dating back to the Indian Bronze Age (4500 BC). Sadly, as years passed, their importance reduced to being meagre birdseed. Only to realise that it’s the need of the hour.

Considering the lifestyle that we lead, especially our eating habits, where today’s generation is obsessed with street foods & other mouth-watering food items that are heavily induced with trans fat, bad carbohydrates, fats & high-cholesterol, eating healthy has now become a matter of need more than choice.

What better way to start this healthy eating journey than by reconnecting with our roots through millets? An array of grains varying in shapes, sizes and colour, millets are gluten-free and non- allergenic. Additionally, they are rich in minerals, vitamins & fibre.

Millets are an excellent choice to replace your regular food as they are not only delicious & high in nutrition, they have less calorie count, improve immunity, curb hunger, reduce sugar-levels & aid in curing heart problems. Plus, they are available in the markets at all times, and throughout the year, as they are climate-friendly.

Knowing the ample benefits that these millets provide you with, don’t you think we are making a mistake to miss out on such healthy food?

Vision and Mission


Our Roots

To inspire healthier communities and aid in healthier lifestyles by offering wholesome, healthy food known to us for centuries .We shall provide millet based health, tasty products and ready to eat convenience to our consumers and enable them to reduce their consumption of conventional grains like wheat & rice so that they are better placed to cope with todays stressful life and help in prevention of lifestyle diseases.



Innovate and be the best in understanding and educating consumers on healthy Millet based products by offering the best and most genuine millet products for breakfast, lunch,snacks and dinner and build an organization culture of transparency and honesty and be the market leader in Millet based product offerings.

Healthy Food

To create Happy,healthy and Joyful communities by offering natural, wholesome ,tasty and convenient food for generations to come .