Welcome to the tasty, healthy world of Millets. This Healthy Millet Snack is a delectable anytime snack or meal meal accompaniment that’s not only tasty, but healthy and nutritious too. Flattened millet flakes and other wholesome ingredients go into making this all time favorite Mixture/Chivda, packing it with lots of protein, fiber and nutrients. We source the finest millets directly from farmers, ensuring there’s no compromise on quality. Then our R&D team gets to work, by enhancing the taste. As a result, all our products are not only healthy but tasty. Go on, try all of them!

Kodo Millet Flakes (71.4)
Groundnut, Sunflower oil, Fried Gram, Cashew, Byadgi Chilli, Asafoetida, Curry leaves.
Allergen Declaration: This product contains Groundnuts.

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